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They choose .com .net .org to:

Be original

Be confident

Be recognized

Be reliable

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We crafted a unique original domain names list. so you don't have to change your perfect name. because after hours of brainstorming, you found out that the domain was registered 23 years ago or maybe a payment of $120,000 was required.
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we are open to accept your offer; however, depending on the domain itself our pricing may or may not be negotiable.

DomainsABC is the legal owner of every domain listed on our Website Each domain listed on our platform is for sale, and DomainsABC currently does not have third party listing or brokering services.

DomainsABC doesn't offer payment through its website.
But You may utilize any of the following methods:
1- the services of Escrow.com to facilitate payment for and transfer of the domain on behalf of each party.

2- using Sedo External Transfer Service (Sedo Escrow)

3- using Epik Domain Escrow.

4- for immediate transfer. the domain can get purchased directly through Epik Marketplace or from Dynadot. but a 5% will be added on the agreed-upon selling price and that to compensate for Epik and Dynadot selling fees.

5- Paypal can also be used for purchases under $500.

Yes, once the domain has been acquired, it will pass into your name, and you will have complete control over and exclusive domain registration rights.

No. There are no Logos, images, text, or anything else that is currently associated with the domain. You only purchasing the domain name.

All sales are subject to DomainsABC's final approval and we reserve the right to reject any order to be fulfilled at any time, and for any reason. In case DomainsABC decides to stop the fulfillment of an order. DomainsABC will immediately grant a full refund.
Only after the domain name has been transferred to the name of the buyer. and the buyer has taken ownership of the domain will a sale be deemed final.

This depends on the payment method you choose.

1- In case you chooses Escrow.com, then please check this page:
Securely Buy & Sell Domains & Websites Online

2- In case you choose Sedo External Transfer Service (Sedo Escrow) then please check this page:
Sedo External Transfer Service

3- in case you choose Epik Domain Escrow:
Epik Domain Escrow

The speed of transfer depend on whether we are using the same or different registrars.
A- Regular transfer (Different registrars) typically takes 3-7 days to complete
B- 'Push' transfer (Same registrar) can be completed within a few hours.

All the payment processing fees and domain name transfer fees are absorbed by the buyer.

Escrow.com fee calculator

Paypal fee calculator

Epik Fees

About Us

DomainABC.com is a platform for selling and renting premium domain names. We are specialized in offering premium brandable domain names for commercial and personel use. We offer a wide variety of .com .net .org domain names that can be used as bussiness names, product names, blogs names and other uses. Our list of domain names provides concise and brandable names representing a broad range of fields.

"A better domain name will lower your lifetime marketing costs" In the future, fortune could well favor those who didn't sell their good domain names too cheaply, or too boldly"

-Frank schilling

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